Authentricty Marketing

When A Real Estate Agent does not have a reliable & steady source of new leads it can be very stressful

We help relieve this stress by providing a consistent flow of quality leads to Realtors® in BC, month in and month out, using our Gift Model

Built on a foundation of Trust and Generosity

"We"ve all been given a gift. The Gift of Life.
What we do with our lives is our gift back."
- Edo

Lead Generation
Through Our Gift Model

We desire to have truly authentic relationships with our clients.

For the last year or so my business partner and I have been studying what is known as the Gift Economy and have come to the conclusion that:

Wealth is having the freedom to be generous

We have incorporated this principle into our Lead Generation Service and what we call our Gift Model

Lead Generation Service

For over 5 years we have successfully been generating leads for BC Realtors®.

  • We generate quality buyer leads.

  • We work exclusively with one agent or team per area
  • To begin, we generate 20 to 30 leads a month for our clients
  • As they progress and feel comfortable with handling more leads we increase the number of leads per month upon request.

That's basically it in a nutshell

Our Gift Model

Wealth is having the freedom to be generous


  • We trust in the inherent good of people
  • We trust that when we give generously, others will be generous as well.
  • Because of that trust, we believe that no matter where the money is paid forward to, we will be taken care of.
  • We welcome the opportunity to engage in business relationships without an agenda.

It’s important to recognize that GIFT does not mean FREE.


We do not gift our expenses (out of pocket costs)

Meaning that our clients are responsible for:

– The advertising cost (which we refer to as ad spend)

– A $25/mth admin fee (which goes to cover overhead costs)

We gift you: 

The Magic that turns your ad spend into actual leads.

So you can get an idea on ad spend.

– We start everyone out with a minimum ad spend of $100/mth

– Which on average, generates 20-30 leads per month.

– As we said earlier when there comes a time you feel you want to increase the number of leads you are receiving you can just request that we increase your ad spend.

Wealth is having the freedom to be generous

The Only Thing We Ask of You Is To Pay it Forward

You can Pay it Forward to:

  • A 3rd party individual or organization
  • Us
  • or some combination of the two

What you decide to pay forward is not based a preset amount nor restricted to money alone.

What you pay forward is based on:

  • The value you feel you have received
  • Your ability to pay

You decide!

You can decide whether you would like to do this:

  • Monthly, Weekly, Quarterly, Spontaneously


  • After the completion of a transaction

We commit to providing you:

  • • A steady flow of quality leads month in and month out
  • • A unique business model based on trust and a spirit of generosity

If you feel you can take care of these leads and provide them a great service, we ask you complete the form below so we can arrange to have a conversation and answer any questions you may have.

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